Register as a carer

If you're over 18 and look after a partner, family member, or friend with an illness or disability, you can ask for a carer's assessment to look at how caring affects you and the sort of help you need.

Register as a carer

Register as a carer to get information from Caring for Carers about support and events. 

Register as a carer

Ask for a carer's assessment

You can ask Caring for Carers for an assessment when you register as a carer. Email or call 01752 201890 for more information. 

The assessment will look at how caring affects:

  • your life and wellbeing
  • your physical, mental and emotional health
  • your work, study, training, leisure
  • your relationships

The person you care for needs to live in Plymouth – if they don't get in touch with the council where they live.

After your assessment

If you're eligible for our help we'll agree with you what support you need and how your needs will be met. You might be able to get help:

  • with housework or gardening
  • with transport and getting around, such as taxi fares or driving lessons
  • to improve your wellbeing, such as a gym membership

The person you look after might be able to get:

You might also be able to get financial support such as a direct payment to spend on things to make caring easier.

If you're not eligible for our help we can give you information and advice and put you in touch with local organisations that can help.

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