Education, health and care plans

An education, health and care assessment is a process where information is collected from schools and professionals to give us a clear picture of your child's or young person's education health and care needs.

Most mainstream schools/settings and colleges will be able to meet your child's special educational needs. However, if your child needs more support than the school can provide they may need an education, health and care plan.

If your child already has a statement of special educational needs (or learning disability assessment) this will be transferred to an education, health and care plan by 1 April 2018. We're transferring children and young people as quickly as possible whilst maintaining arrangements for those who still have a statement of special educational needs.

You can find out more about the transfer in Plymouth's Local Plan

Watch a short video that explains what an EHCP is and who they're for

Creating a plan

We'll create a draft plan and then send you a copy. You've 15 days to comment, including if you want to ask that your child goes to a special school or college. We then have 20 weeks from the date of the assessment to give you the final plan.

The flowchart below shows the 20-week procedure:

The guide below gives a more in-depth breakdown of the four stages of an assessment:

How to request support

Please email or call 01752 307409 for all questions relating to Education, health and care plans (EHCP).


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